Why ERH Matters

Early Relational Health Core Story

What is Getting in the Way?

All parents and caregivers know that positive connections with their children matter. However, social, racial, cultural, and economic injustices and challenges can overload families and communities, often taking a toll on parents/caregivers, young children, and their relational health. Because of barriers created by structural racism and a lack of policies designed to help families thrive, families do not have access to supports that are responsive to their needs.

What Must We Do?

To promote Early Relational Health in every community, we need to first listen to families to understand the challenges they are facing and what supports and services would work best for them.

We must then work together with families to create a shared vision to transform our communities, systems, programs, and policies, so that each and every family can experience the emotional well-being and joy that develop during those first days, months, and years of connecting and nurturing.

Equity: The Early Relational Health Mandate

Families Leading the Way to Advance Early Relational Health

Nurture Connection is guided by the lived experiences of families. Parents and caregivers are the experts for helping create healthier communities, one family at a time.